3 wk Old Frozen Chicks For Sale 5/Bag


6oz – 10oz each    5 per bag.

Frozen 3 Wk Old Chickens Our Frozen Chicks For Sale chickens are produced on our farms form, fitted in zip lock bags.

SOLD OUT This Week. Inventory is updated every Friday. Please check back then...

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We carefully monitor the environment to ensure that they are sanitary and conducive to healthy rodent growth and development, we carefully monitor their health, we provide them with a scientifically-formulated healthy diet, and we use CO2, a form of humane euthanasia which ensures that no harmful chemicals enter the feeder that could harm your pet. Our 3wk old frozen chicks for sale retain that healthy quality with quick freezing and special insulated shipping containers which ensure that your pet’s food arrives completely frozen, with all of its nutrients preserved.

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 1 in
Frozen Chicks/Quail

Frozen Chicks

1 review for 3 wk Old Frozen Chicks For Sale 5/Bag

Customer reviews

  1. angie.sori12.2013@gmail.com

    They always have the best quality at this point I refuse to give my little noodle babies anything else, you can re freeze them up to the max (which is 3 times before it starts to not be good for your noodle) and they dont bleed out right away like when I got mice from petsmart, and my noodles definitely know the difference between these and when i use emergency ones from a pet shop. I highly recommend PLUS since they come in packs it lasts to long I love it! I found this shit during lockdown and it was a life saver along with now a long time site I'm definitely gonna keep using

  2. kbuglee1@gmail.com

    Very quality rats at a good price. Great packaging, the rats arrived rock solid. The rats were very clean, no debris anywhere to be seen.

  3. xksmith5151@gmail.com

    Once the order processed, delivery was timely. Due to expert packaging,
    the chicks arrived still frozen (despite my mail carrier leaving them on my porch in 90 degree weather). My yard kitty Pretty Girl enjoyed her peep immensely! These make a great supplement to mass produced dry cat food, while helping to preserve local wild bird numbers. Thanks South Florida Rodents!

  4. Julie.tripwire@gmail.com

    SFR has seen my snake kiddos through every stage of life. These large rats are for my adult Blood Python (holding her over til the Jumbos are back in stock!!) With some exceptions on the smaller feeders(if interested, see my review On adult mice and rat pups), the feeders are usually very clean, fluffy and neatly packaged.

  5. fmr2015@aol.com

    My duck loved these meal worms as a treat. All were alive and packaging was great.

  6. fmr2015@aol.com

    Great pinkies and packaging was nice with the dry ice and insulator added.

  7. Quoteman@msn.com

    Originally ordered one pack of frozen rats then found I needed another
    pack, called customer service to ask if another pack could be added and
    shipped with the original. They were very helpful and got that done, also
    asked for only white rats as snake is fussy no problem with them getting
    all white ones. Shipment arrived two days after placing order,all neatly
    packed and all frozen solid. These guys are awesome.

  8. Mjo1022@verizon.net

    Sorry to say this last time half the crickets were dead by the next day. I always ordered 2/3 in size, but received very much smaller size this time. I Have been ordering with you guys for over 10 years and you have always been great. Just a little disappointed this time.

  9. Nikfl25@gmail.com

    Package came quickly and there was plenty of dry ice in the box. So far Artemus likes them!

  10. stockautumn8@gmail.com

    South Florida rodents have been by far the best feeders I’ve received since having my ball python. I ordered weaned rats and they arrived in a very timely manner, and were still completely frozen on arrival. My ball Python has been picky with other feeders but with South Florida rodents he never refuses a meal. 100% recommended!

  11. oldfloster1@gmail.com

    Low price, meaty mice, clean, well packed & frozen to my W.V. home. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  12. gabriel.gonzalez@nnschools.org

    correct, because of the arduous labor of handling mice they can carry diseases up to ten days after their quietus

  13. gabriel.gonzalez@nnschools.org

    yes because of the arduous labor of handling mice they can carry diseases up to ten days after their quietus

  14. benamae@gmail.com

    Perfect in every way and the best value I've found! Thank you!

  15. redneckfireman2578@gmail.com

    Very high quality and they came in just at the right time. My snake is a happy snake now. I will continue to order the mice.

  16. michellecavazos0828@gmail.com

    I ordered weaned rats. My order came very quickly and was packed extremely well. The rats were a little smaller than I expected, but my ball pythons love them. One of my ball pythons is super finiky but with south Florida rodents, I never have an issue. I will definitely be ordering again. Thank you !!!!

  17. nwrockwell@hotmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Pleased with quality of product and ease of ordering online. Was packed nicely with dry ice to keep frozen. Easily removed individually from vacuum packed bag for feedings. Best place I have found for frozen mice and crickets, too. Just wish the shipping wasn't so expensive.

  18. hfloyd1985@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I have been ordering from South Florida Rodents for almost 2 years now. Not once have I been disappointed with my purchases. All of the rodents I have received look excellent, and have kept my snakes in a very healthy condition. As I am also passionate about rodents, how they are treated and euthanized are very important to me. I feel comfortable knowing that I am ordering from a company who cares about welfare of their feeder animals and euthanizes only using humane methods. I will continue to order from SFR for years to come!

    -Heidi F.

  19. t.helton13@live.com

    Great Product! I was really impressed with the quality of the rodents. Every rat in the package from Premium Rodents looks clean, plump, and healthy! It took three days for my rats to get to me and they were still frozen solid with plenty of dry ice left in the box. I will definitely be ordering from here again.

  20. pete.partridge73@gmail.com

    Fantastic rodents. They always come frozen with plenty of dry ice. I highly recommend using this company. I've tried most of their competition and won't ever use anything else. Keep up the good work, my reptiles really appreciate it.

  21. marlonparson@zoho.com

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  22. craziehorse1976@aol.com

    Very high quality products and excellent service , outstanding service 100% satisfied with SouthFloridaRodents as I am a repeat customer 100% happy and only use them ........

  23. babymagictoots@yahoo.com

    I love the packaging. Great size for my ball python. Will do business again. Thank you.

  24. johann.ehrmann@gmail.com

    Packaged well rats still solidly frozen after sitting outside while I was at work! My snake instantly went to gobble on up the second I came to feed her

  25. jmelzidp@gmail.com

    The mice came packaged really nicely. Vacuumed sealed nice. Still frozen and they look like they are in great shape. Will order again

  26. jmelzidp@gmail.com

    Super happy with how the products came. They were still frozen I was super impressed. Will definitely order again.

  27. Dombkowski@hotmail.com

    Best view in the town !

  28. kaygraham424@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Arrived perfectly

  29. kmarinak95@gmail.com

    My ferret and I love the quality of these chicks! He gets so excited every night as soon as I open the freezer, even does his little war dances! They are always clean and they ship very quickly. Prices are amazing compared to other vendors (who have worse quality in my opinion). If you're questioning these guys; just go for it. They have the best pricing and the best quality out of all the vendors I've ordered from. Thanks South Florida Rodents!

  30. Wtw250@yahoo.com

    Great quality. Very well packaged and arrived fully frozen.

  31. wtw250@yahoo.com

    Great quality as always. Everything arrived very well packaged and fully frozen. I would say the rat sizes run a little larger than what I'm used to getting from other suppliers which is a good thing in my book.

  32. sliphack4@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Well packaged and timely shipping. Good quality feeder mice, my snake eats them enthusiasticly.

  33. michelle_laneve@yahoo.com

    Product, as usual, was excellent. Received my order within a few days. Packaging was perfect and the mice arrived fully frozen.

  34. bernadettefrye@ymail.com

    (verified owner)

    Most of my mealworms were happy and healthy, there were only a few that had passed on. They were smaller than I thought. They were really thirsty.

  35. schrader0025@epbfi.com

    (verified owner)

    Always great quality and fast shipping. Prices are very competitive.

  36. doorz1009@gmail.com

    The mice showed up very thoroughly frozen in a vacuum sealed, labeled package surrounded by large chunks of dry ice and very thick, fluffy insulation. Be careful unpacking and USE INSULATED GLOVES.

    These pinkies are about the diameter of an average Sharpie permanent marker compared to the diameter of a standard ballpoint pen. (Comparing them to Arctic). All arrived in good shape and their sizes are pretty consistent.

  37. mathews@ntelos.net

    Though I miss raising my own so I can feed them a big variety of feed stuff; these are working out just fine. Everything eats them and they always come in good time and frozen solid no matter how hot it is outside.

  38. a153fish@aol.com

    I'm very pleased with my orders.
    I buy mice, chicks, quail, and Crickets here, and I'm always pleased with the quality, and packing. Prices are very good too!

  39. t92keys@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I recently got my first reptile, a juvenile Western Hognose male. I wasn't sure what size mouse pinkie to get so I ordered 6 of these and 6 of the day olds. This is the only place I could find that allowed me to order in such a small quantity. They were packed super well and arrived still frozen solid to my front door. My little 22 gram hognose has now voraciously taken 2 of these from me. These don't leave much of a little bump in his stomach so I'll feed him more often until these are gone since he didn't eat his first 2 weeks with me but he's a big fan of these. No hesitation to take, finishes off fast and he's kept both down no problem. Thanks so much!

  40. brimson7@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Great experience! Upon arrival, mice were frozen solid, clean, and exactly what we were looking for. Will definitely order again. Thank you!

  41. williamfuess442@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Came quick even in a pandemic. All the rats were still completely frozen.

  42. plant-lady2015@outlook.com

    (verified owner)

    These are for my hognose.Good size & good price Premium rodents prices are great .They shipped them quickly.I ordered on a Thursday they shipped on a Monday.Will be back for more.

  43. plant-lady2015@outlook.com

    (verified owner)

    Was looking for fuzzies for my corn snakes that I just purchased from a breeder & found these.They are a perfect size & the price was also perfect.Shipping was quick.Corns ate 1 each tonight will be back for more. They were a day late not premeium rodents fault but still frozen packed very well.

  44. harris_stephen@yahoo.com

    Are these safe for humans to eat? I need more cum

  45. tomred911@gmail.com

    Half of my crickets arrived dead. I even live in Florida.

  46. orchid.bobbi@gmail.com

    This was my first order but it won't be my last. The company provided very detailed instructions regarding shipment, fast shipping and the product was received in excellent condition. I anticipated finding dead worms when I opened the package only because we never know how the carriers handle the package but I couldn't find any: just very healthy and over medium sized mealworms. My bird and I appreciate the quality for the very reasonable price. Thank you!

  47. rasstr23@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Decided to take a chance on a new supplier and was VERY pleased with SFR. Fast shipping, professional packaging, great quality! I will purchase from SFR from now on and will also highly recommend!

  48. misserinshaffer@gmail.com

    Great product.

  49. misserinshaffer@gmail.com

    Great produce. Good size!

  50. misserinshaffer@gmail.com

    Very good quality frozen rats.

  51. misserinshaffer@gmail.com

    Great very very large rats!!

  52. Avali021@fiu.edu

    Great quality. The packaging was excellent. I will be buying from South Florida Rodents again.

  53. Avali021@fiu.edu

    Great quality. The packaging was excellent. I will be buying from South Florida Rodents again.

  54. angie.sori12.2013@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Great shipping, great customer service and the quality of rat is awesome! With living in a place with limited supplies for snakes now in this quarantine, this was an awesome help and I cant wait till my girl is hungry so she can enjoy this awesome find!

  55. thekiser5@msn.com

    (verified owner)

    Item as described … fast shipping. Tasty !!!

  56. tatoocarman@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Rats are always clean and fresh,But FED EX Sucks bad,on truck out for delivery and took box back,ok should be fine not hot outside second day didnt even try to deliver box just took it back agian to hub.So i had to just ride down and pick it up,cool outside so it was froze thanks to good packing by SFR....Fed ex is a very careless company box says perishable and seen by 2 drivers and did not even try to deliver.

  57. Falconerpete58@gmail.com

    Always a great product at a great price....fast shipping too !

  58. elanalemon@gmail.com

    Only issue was communication. I contacted them after not receiving a shipping confirmation a few days after purchase. They got back to me promptly and explained how their shipping dates work. I received neatly packed mice for a better price and higher quality than what I buy in stores. Ill definitely purchase from them again.

  59. rhian@scuba2deth.com

    (verified owner)

    Mice were completely frozen when they arrived, my snakes loved them and the mice were a perfect size, one of my snakes is extremely stubborn and it barely took anything to get her to eat.

  60. swinkreptiles@icloud.com

    With the crazy prices that locals want to charge for feeder rodents due to feed prices it is nice to have a feeder source that doesn’t break the bank. Even with shipping included, a stocked up order was cheaper by $1.30 per rodent vs local. The package came in with at least 1lb of dry ice left after a two day shipping! Thank you for the great and timely service.

  61. swinkreptiles@icloud.com

    With the crazy prices that locals want to charge for feeder rodents due to feed prices it is nice to have a feeder source that doesn’t break the bank. Even with shipping included, a stocked up order was cheaper by $1.30 per rodent vs local. The package came in with at least 1lb of dry ice left after a two day shipping! Thank you for the great and timely service.

  62. a153fish@aol.com

    Very pleased with my purchase, will order again.

  63. stangsally46@gmail.com

    I tried 5 Star but only allowed 4 1/2, I say your 5 Star plus, its always great doing business with South Florida Rodents, got on line put in order and with in days they are here, still frozen, packaged very nicely, and for my snakes, which eat 2 at a setting are bellies full.
    Ordered 8 packs of 4 extra large, Plus price is very good. Thank you for such amazing service and quality food for my snakes.
    Randy from Nebraska.

  64. mustangsally46@yahoo.com

    I tried 5 Star but only allowed 4 1/2, I say your 5 Star plus, its always great doing business with South Florida Rodents, got on line put in order and with in days they are here, still frozen, packaged very nicely, and for my snakes, which eat 2 at a setting are bellies full.
    Ordered 8 packs of 4 extra large, Plus price is very good. Thank you for such amazing service and quality food for my snakes.
    Randy from Nebraska

  65. mustangsally46@yahoo.com

    I tried 5 Star but only allowed 4 1/2, I say your 5 Star plus, its always great doing business with South Florida Rodents, got on line put in order and with in days they are here, still frozen, packaged very nicely, and for my snakes, which eat 2 at a setting are bellies full.
    Ordered 8 packs of 4 extra large, Plus price is very good. Thank you for such amazing service and quality food for my snakes.
    Randy from Nebraska

  66. gaponte453@gmail.com

    Quick delivery during pandemic! Everything is exactly as it should be

  67. shayleepacker@gmail.com

    You mention 4 different kinds of foods that you can feed your reptile, such as crickets. Are all of these options great for any type of reptile? My daughter just got a lizard, and we are trying to figure out what is the best food option for it. Does the food that you feed it change as they grow?

  68. gwalker2929@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    99.9 per cent arrived alive this is my third order all have been the same.

  69. hannahnayle@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Quality shipping and packaging! I was iffy about this website at first but it has quality rodents! My corn snake loves these!

  70. thrush75@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    My 6' corn snake loves them. Priced perfectly.

  71. thrush75@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Perfect size

  72. janzens@mediacombb.net

    Perfect order as usual. Fast shipping and perfectly packaged everytime.

  73. mathews@ntelos.net

    Came on time, packaged perfect and, of course, critters love them. Miss raising my own but these are great. Thanks!

  74. mikedclark03@gmail.com

    Feeding snakes can be quite expensive (especially for larger species), and so having to find a company that offers quality products at an affordable price can be tough. That being said, the guys at South Florida Rodents hit it on the nail! This was my first time buying in bulk and my first time switching a snake from mice to rats. Edgar, my Bally, loves them and if he's satisfied, I am as well. I will be sure to come here first for any food for my snake (and the Boa that will be coming soon too).

  75. garyrbauer@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Excellent vacuum packaging, standard shipping to New Jersey received on day 2 frozen solid. This was my first order from SFR and very satisfied with the product and recommend without reservation.

  76. Ldyanofsky@gmail.com

    They are the best. I ordered on Sunday and they arrived in Maine on Thursday. Perfectly frozen with extra dry ice. I always buy my mice from South FloridabRodents.

  77. Ldyanofsky@gmail.com

    They are the best. I ordered on Sunday and they arrived in Maine on Thursday. Perfectly frozen with extra dry ice. I always buy my mice from South FloridabRodents.

  78. itsnicolette42@yahoo.com

    Great condition and well packed!

  79. jrmtomburg@gmx.com

    After local pet store closed because of COVID-19, you saved me (or, more properly, my hungry snakes). Excellent packaging, rats completely frozen on arrival, clean, and very easy to remove singly from bag.

  80. Elwhitman97@gmail.com

    This is the absolute best place to buy worms! I ordered my worms on a Monday, and they arrived to me today (Wednesday)!! And they were ALL ALIVE and packaged so well!! I have spent countless dollars on “live” worms at pet stores for my beardies, and it’s such a hassle to run to the pet store a few times a week to buy worms and hope that enough of them are alive to feed! Not to mention this is an insanely reasonable price. Especially in the long run. I will 100% be recommending this place to anyone I know that needs to buy worms! THANK YOUUUU!

  81. rebecca_post@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great packaging

  82. rebecca_post@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Fast shipping, great packaging

  83. Jamespchinn@att.net

    Good quality, fast service, my snakes gobble them up!

  84. lindseyhnsl@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Quality for the best price! I ordered Saturday, they were sent out Monday. Wednesday they arrived. They wrote my deliver instructions on the box. Everything is always well packaged, rodents are always completely frozen. They are the correct size and health every time. My snake is always satisfied with his meal. Highly recommend SFR.

  85. Apelkey2@gmail.com

    Fast shipping, great product!
    My Angolan pythons love them.

  86. cablakely@ellijay.com

    (verified owner)

    Great product. The frozen pinkies arrived Fast and frozen. Love south Florida rodents. The only place I will order from.

  87. oldfloster1@gmail.com

    I received the 100 frozen pinkies mice. Meaty, clean, well packed, delivered on time and frozen. Your prices are very reasonable, cheaper than my hometown pet stores. From a happy customer in W.V.

  88. bigbolls@yahoo.com


  89. richmaisel@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Bag w/ mice was ripped. Noses poking through. Mice squashed so much that they were unrecognizable. Eyes were completely white with frost. Viscera poked through skin when defrosted. When contacting customer service, Justin had attitude, terrible spelling and grammar and 'passed the buck" vs. making at least an apology or adjustment. I've purchased frozen mice for ten years from Rodent Pro and Mice Direct and have had no problems. I will not be purchasing from South Florida Reptiles again.

  90. oldfloster1@gmail.com

    I am very pleased with the frozen black mice. They are clean and meaty, my snake loves them. Your prices are very reasonable and shipping on time. From a happy West Virginia customer. I recommend you to others.

  91. Ddykes@nisdtx.org

    Awesome product! Just what my large corn snake needed! She recently graduated from medium mice and these large ones are perfect! Product received four days after I ordered them, even with standard shipping. I’m very pleased.

  92. momieof2@hotmail.com

    Perfect size for the snakes! Well packages and fast shipping as well. Will be back for more orders! Thank you

  93. yourmom@yourmom.com


  94. keysdmk@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    this is the only company I trust for my animals! Great personal customer service

  95. elk1972@verizon.net

    Great price.

  96. elk1972@verizon.net

    Worms were all alive when they got here.

  97. zanophol@gmail.com

    This is my third order from these guys. Fast and efficient shipping with the mice arriving frozen solid, as promised.

  98. fitbababababababbababababababa@yahoo.com

    If you get a medkit you can revive them

  99. bobobobobobo@yahoo.com

    They arrived dead, anyone know how to revive a mouse?

  100. fitbababababaabbababoss@yahoo.com

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this company. I am a very happy girl thanks to y’all.. def ordering from y’all in the future

  101. Shodan@comcast.net

    Packed well. Look to be well cared for. Snake eats them readily. Received promptly in Ga. Good price. I've purchased several times. No need to fear ordering from SFR. Purchases goes smoothly.

  102. rrromang@outlook.com

    Arrived quickly and perfectly frozen. The packaging is great! The individual mice are not all frozen together and they are easy to remove for feedings.

  103. mathews@ntelos.net

    (verified owner)

    They came in good time, were packed very good and still solid frozen. Best price and I recommend them for reptile feeding.

  104. marunyon@msn.com

    My hoppers were delivered quickly they arrived frozen solid in my kookaburras very happy

  105. Dan446@bellsouth.net

    Nice and clean. I love the vacuum sealing. Fast shipping

  106. Dan446@bellsouth.net

    Nice and clean. I love the vacuum sealing. Fast shipping

  107. Dan446@bellsouth.net

    Nice and clean. I love the vacuum sealing. Fast shipping

  108. 23230@ccusd93.net

    Very good treat for Halloween. I handed these out to the little kiddies and they loved them. I cant wait for them to release that they are food! My son ate some for his 5 course meal last night. My son happens to be a dickroach! :D

  109. hunter5417@gmail.com

    I ordered on a Saturday and the box arrived Tuesday. Good quality box with visible labels of live crickets inside. I didn't see a single dead cricket when I transferred them out of the shipping box into bigger container. I couldn't believe it. All of them are big 1" size, alive and healthy. Far exceeded my expectations. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

  110. Bobwilliams217@live.com

    My savannah monitors love them......

  111. itsnicolette42@yahoo.com

    Great condition and well packed!

  112. sunshineblue07@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I have ordered my corns pinkies from you several times and they always arrive fresh, well packed, and fast. The only thing I wish is that shipping weren't so high....! Great product though, thanks!

  113. ect3282@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Quality rats. Well packaged.

  114. maasman2000@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Good pricing. Fast shipping. Phenomenal packing. Quality product. Individually frozen. Easy to use. Readily eaten. Highly recommend!

  115. MilesReptiles@mail.com

    (verified owner)

    I've been ordering frozen rodents for almost 3 decades, and these are as good as they come, and very fairly priced. I'll see you again, in a month.

  116. terriel238@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Have ordered from other large rodent company and the rats looked to be in poor condition. The rats from south Florida rodent looked great and well packaged. Will order again

  117. terriel238@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Will buy again

  118. info@feedersplus.com

    thanks for the compliment. the dry ice is in plastic bags which are labeled dry ice and say to only handle with gloves on.

  119. Patmesser45@yahoo.com

    My forest cobra loves them

  120. Patmesser45@yahoo.com

    Once again great service

  121. Isaacphoenix1@yahoo.com

    Great quality rats. No complaints here. I do however think that they should let you know or say somewhere that there’s a ton of dry ice in the box!! I reached right in and ended up touching it and it burned me but it wasn’t severe or anything. 5 stars!!

  122. terrybirdsiview@aol.com

    Very quick - good packaging and good price

  123. rachaelmail922@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Clean feeders with minimal blood and no smell. Always arrive frozen solid, even if they arrive 4 days after shipping. This is my second order and I will be a repeat customer.

  124. nan@sunrisewidlife.org

    Excellent quality crickets-super fast shipping. Plenty of food left after crickets arrived. South Florida Rodents is our go to source for most all our feeders.

  125. Somedaynever85@comcast.net

    These guys are the absolute best, i live in Nj and this is 3rd order over past 2 yrs. My red tegu eats a hopper everyday, she is so healthy because of the great breeders here. I wouldnt even think about buying from anyone else. FYI order your supplies on Monday and they will be to you by weeks end, they wont ship later in the week due to concerns with unfreezing due to heat.

  126. Patmesser45@yahoo.com

    My rattlesnake and forest cobra loves them

  127. Patmesser45@yahoo.com

    Still frozen and perfect size for my baby king cobra

  128. brandon@tenthirtyseven.com

    Great product, as described. Clean, well packaged - and shipped promptly. Can't beat it. If you're on the fence you should try it. Multiple orders now and quality has been consistent across the board.

  129. brandon@tenthirtyseven.com

    Great company, great product. Its that simple. Shipping is quick, packed well even for the hot humid southern heat of summer. Buy from a company that does what they do incredibly well, you won't be disappointed.

  130. autryd97@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Opened up the box when I got home from work with my girlfriend and all the packages I had ordered were there and fully frozen still. Came within just a few days after ordering and my snakes loved them. I've been feeding larger quail to my two younger retics and blood python I have so they really enjoyed the jumbo rats and the rest of my snakes are enjoying the small and medium rats as well, great service, quality products, happy snakes!

  131. levkulich@mentorschools.org

    (verified owner)

    Very pleased with quality of the frozen rats and the the condition they were delivered in! Will buy here again

  132. bettynbenji13@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Good variety of sizes and package quantity for all rodents for my reptiles came still frozen and without horrible odor like what I recieved from other vendors I’m satisfied and will be a repeat customer !

  133. bettynbenji13@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Compare to what I’ve bought from other companies in the past these are what I ordered will keep on purchasing my babies food from here!

  134. bettynbenji13@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Got what I ordered cake still frozen recurved what u paid for.

  135. bettynbenji13@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Good size came frozen to New Jersey and quick

  136. brandon@tenthirtyseven.com

    (verified owner)

    Not sure what else I can say other than that this is a perfect example of a straightforward company advertising accurately, communicating effectively, providing exceptional service, and a simply excellent product. I'm the proud owner of a 4 month old ball python and he took to these rats immediately. Sizes were consistent, product was clean, packaging great. They had my order out within HOURS of being placed...with more than enough dry ice to keep it deep frozen for the trip to North Carolina in the dead heat of summer. I think this is it...no more searching for quality, consistent feeders. Buy here - you won't regret it.

  137. velvetboas@netscape.net

    Consistently a premium item . . . clean, healthy, plump and well-packaged. I would like to say that I wish all companies had the core values and excellent customer service South Florida Rodents / Premium Rodents has always shown. My "girls" are glad we found them!

  138. snmielke@goeaston.net

    I am vert happy with this company, very easy to use online, fast delivery and affordable!!

  139. aprilmc118@yahoo.com

    Excellent product. Fast shipping.

  140. whitetyger68@aol.com

    Carl Opossum Loves these Jelly Beans also lol, he has graduated from the fuzzy mice to the pinky Rats and is quite happy with his munching lol

  141. whitetyger68@aol.com

    Carl Opossum loves these little Jelly Beans lol . I appreciate the freshness and awesome packaging.

  142. lbussell221@gmail.com

    Very happy with my purchase. Reasonable priced with efficient service. They arrived still frozen and look fresh and healthy. Will order from again.

  143. Scoopbob@optonline.net

    Mice appear fresh and packaging was fine.

  144. jtsmitty1055@gmail.com

    Great rat pinkies. Fresh and vacuum packed. Will order again.

  145. exwifex3@yahoo.com

    Great quality! Arrived packaged in wonderful condition. I plan to use this company from now on!

  146. garrettcraig80@gmail.com

    My pet Ball Python immediately went for the thawed rat I put in his cage. The rats came quickly, were a nice size, and my pet was happy. WDBWA!!

  147. oldfloster1@gmail.com

    The jumbo mice are meaty, clean, well packed.

  148. oldfloster1@gmail.com

    Great quality and price! I get free shipping in the state of W.V. when ordering $100.00 or over of the product. It's cheaper than local pet store. The jumbo mice are meaty, clean, well packed. I'm a happy W.V. customer.

  149. rapser@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Fuzzy is too small. Basically pups

  150. roxiehasmoxie@yahoo.com

    Excellent! Great quality!

  151. dsimon2454@aol.com

    Ordered frozen rats. Received frozen rats. Fed some to snake.* Snake happy. (I can tell, 'cuz he's smiling).

  152. Michaylachaires05@gmail.com

    Product arrived quickly and in great condition! Packaged very neatly with more than enough dry ice to keep the pinkies frozen. Will definitely order again.

  153. Xiomar132@yahoo.com

    Product arrived quickly and in great condition! Packaged very neatly with more than enough dry ice to keep the pinkies frozen. Will definitely order again.

  154. Jenniferl25846@gmail.com

    Extremely happy with my purchase! Good quality, packaging, and shipping time was fast. Also best price for shipping that I have found and product arrived much quicker than other shops that I have ordered from in the past. South Florida Rodents has become my GoTo store!

  155. giggamyte@hotmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Crickets arrived quickly with plenty of potatoe and egg crate inside. All seemed lively and active

  156. presyergage@hotmail.com

    I have used SFR for years. Great quality,value and service every order. Yay !

  157. tattooedandclassy89@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I couldn’t be more pleased with this company. My ball python is a very happy girl thanks to y’all.. def ordering from y’all in the future

  158. jeffandrews34@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Best deal in bulk and very well packaged. Came faster than expected too!

  159. jayyblack19997@gmail.com

    So the site all over says free shipping. Many people who left reviews are claiming the same. I don’t know if these reviews are being written by the company itself like backwater reptiles has admitted to doing, or if customers wrote these reviews before purchasing but it will cost me 72 dollars to ship an item that cost 25. There’s no way shipping rates are that high.

  160. snakedad59@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Had my order in less than 24 hours!!

  161. mattc543@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Cheaper than most deals I have seen, and very quick too. There is a lot of packaging to keep the mice cool and safe from a drop or something. Will buy again

  162. andtheansweris42@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    So happy to have found this place! It is very difficult to get this product locally and the one pet store that carries frozen rats rarely has them in stock. The packaging was excellent and the shipping was fast. I will definitely be purchasing more in the future.

  163. lafinca.ad@gmail.com

    I'm thrilled to find this company. I am extremely satisfied with the mice, the cost, the shipping and the service. I'm sticking with this company for my feed mice needs, Great job guys! keep it up,

  164. Kirstinandmike@gmail.com

    Very impressed with shipping time and quality

  165. gregworley@charter.net

    You do the math...50 for $18 or 6 for $12 at the chain stores. Just stock up with progressively larger sizes and shipping cost is a non-issue!

  166. gregworley@charter.net

    Great, "fresh" rats packaged perfectly. Shipping is quick and reasonable. WAY cheaper than chain stores!

  167. Jguerrero4386@gmail.com

    My rodents always arrive frozen and the quality is always high. I will continue to purchase my rodents from this company.

  168. vikingtsunami@gmail.com

    I live in Florida so shipping wasn't bad...just took a bit since I ordered the week before Thanksgiving..and got them the week after said holiday. Oh and the dry ice was particularly fun to play with too...win win

  169. silencelasting@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Good quality and good price.

  170. silencelasting@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Good quality and good price.

  171. annemarie@edufeathers.com

    Couldn't believe how quickly they arrived. The chicks are very clean and good-sized. My kestrel can only eat about half but loves pulling all the down off so they are great for enrichment as well. I order a number of different products and all have been consistently high quality.

  172. sisanator@gmail.com

    Was very excited I found you. Order came in a timely fashion. All were nice and frozen. Petsmart and other places I found were sooo pricey. Hope to have a long relationship with you folks.

  173. bobwilliams217@live.com

    Awesome service. My monitors are growing rapidly and the prices for frozen rodents at PetSmart were totally unreasonable. The mice arrived still frozen and I was able to repackage and freeze into lots of 6.
    I do not know how you manage to euthanize them, but it is obvously better than Petsmart also... often times the ones from Petsmart are bloody and poorly packaged.
    Thank you for being a reputable business. I will be a loyal customer.

  174. lafinca.ad@gmail.com

    Terrific product at a good price. I'm always surprised how fast they get the mice to me since I'm way out in the country. ALways happy with the mice and feel comfortable feeding them to my birds. I found the website is a little frustrating but the product is well worth the trouble.

  175. zombiinonii@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I was told this was the place to purchase pinky's. As a first time buyer, I'm glad I did. I live in Illinois which is quite a ways from Florida and I couldn't really find a place to purchase pinky's from other than Petco nearby. I was worried the pinky's would come thawed out. But South Florida Rodents went above and beyond to make sure the box was completely insulated and FREEZING. Pinky's came beautifully packaged! They look super fresh and without any frostbitten spots (I have gotten those a lot recently from other retailers) The pinky's look clean as well. SUPER impressed! I'm sure my corn snake will love feasting on these things! Will definitely be a long time customer!

  176. jodimondey1974@gmail.com

    A great buy. I will be ordering from this company again

  177. Boxermom007@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Cleanest frozen mice I've ever received. Special request for order was accommodated no problem. Order arrived frozen solid. Will only order from y'all in the future. Thanks!

  178. steveburrell@gmail.com

    A huge bargain compared to the local big-box store. Delivery is always fast. My daughter's snake thanksssss you.

  179. info@feedersplus.com

    we have never had an issue. the only case i know of is people got salmonella from mice from one of the large suppliers.

  180. benmoosebuddies@icloud.com

    Can you get mouse or rat virus from dead or frozen mice or rats?

  181. somedaynever6985@gmail.com

    Very easy to get apart. My red tegu loves them

  182. seifriedchristian@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Excellent Service!!!

  183. coby.crisp@gmail.com

    (verified owner)


  184. coby.crisp@gmail.com

    (verified owner)


  185. shannon_gonzaga@charleston.k12.sc.us

    Lovely rats, nicely packaged, and still super frozen upon arrival! Polly the ball python appreciates them!

  186. curtgates1987@gmail.com

    great products, fast ship, fair price.

  187. annemarie@edufeathers.com

    I actually ordered the day-old quail by mistake. Come to find out, my owls LOVE them! They are a little higher in calorie than other parts of their diet, so they are a nice treat and great for when they are molting.

  188. tiborp3@yahoo.com

    ok i was asked to give a review..I rather not tell the world that SFRodents has the stock of the size you need...really if I spill my secret all would know..great quality as well..Tibor ..visit insta..Boapride

  189. Bullmastiffmom@hotmail.com

    Was very pleased and impressed. Package arrived frozen and nicely packed. Mice looked of excellent quality. Nice size. Very happy with product. Very happy to have found this site.

  190. Psg77785@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I cant sag enough about these guys. From the professional perfection of communication to the impeccable packaging of the rodents. They were flawless. They were neat and cleaned. No ammonia smell like other big names. This will be my new goto. I appreciate south florida rodents!!!

  191. Toriebrowder@gmail.com

    Super happy with my purchase. These mice look clean and packaged great upon arrival! Definitely a return customer! Saved a ton of money in the long run!

  192. Toriebrowder@gmail.com

    Came frozen solid. They look great! Even better than the Arctic Mice I used to buy from the pet store. Packing was awesome and arrived right on time! Very pleased! I will be a repeat customer!

  193. maryanne.milligan@merial.com

    Excellent product at it was delievered prefectly just like the picture and I am going to order again. my daughter's snake is just 4 months old and will live up to 40 years old.

  194. debiroland@yahoo.com

    Great size came well frozen

  195. kaialoha_reno@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Wonderful company.
    Healthy, highlt active insects.
    I once had a problem with the shipping delivery service completely damaging my shipment.
    Justin was immediate with response and resolution. Love them!

  196. pitnerabby@aol.com

    My package came packed carefully with plenty of dry ice to keep the rats frozen. They were exactly what I ordered and very clean. Prices are great and I’m really glad that I found this company. My snake rated 10/10 would eat again

  197. dwolf20072000@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I did not pay attention to the size, upon further review they are advertised correctly they are smaller than what I need but I should have paid more attention. I became used to asking for Fuzzies not all fuzzies are equal in size.

  198. halekris64@gmail.com

    Best price on the web that I could find! Most reasonable shipping also. Came quickly packaged well. Very satisfied!

  199. halekris64@gmail.com

    Best price that I could find! Shipping more reasonable then other sites. Packaged well. Came within three days of my order. Very satisfied!

  200. Gavinlea38@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Ordered my packages through ground fedex in the hottest months of the year and they came frozen as a brick and look amazing! Packaging is A+

  201. bertoemail@gmail.com

    I received exactly what I was promised. Impressive packaging. Fast shipping. Great price. Helpful customer service. Will buy again!

  202. sunshineblue07@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Ordered some pinkies for my corn snake and these came fast and fresh! Absolutely great price for the product. I have finally found my go to seller. Thank you!

  203. sarahbobletz1234@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Rats came in 24 hours, and in perfect packaging. Cheapest shipping. Thanks for the savings!

  204. Cadolowe2000@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Got my first order from this company and I like the quality of the chicks , no dirt within the bag, all chicks are clean.

  205. Mrsschmid17@gmail.com

    Excellent customer service, my snake loves them too!

  206. SeanJ2186@gmail.com

    Impressed with the communication and the delivery of the package. First time ordering from here, but will be ordering more. Definitely have my business. Rats were very clean and well packaged.

  207. mitchashleyshaejr@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    A+++ Shipping, A+++FUZZIES,A+++ Good Communication.. GREAT PRODUCT . A+++ Shipping Was Fast.. Thank You SouthFloridaRodents.com My Ball Python is loving them.....

  208. Erniebetat@gmail.com

    Have been buying from Big Cheese in Texas and they are great, but they haven't had large rats in a long time. Bought 8 packs of large rats and am very pleased. Both companies offer a excellent product, I will however stick with South Florida until they can't provide what I need. Thanks South Florida Rodents.

  209. sylbar43@gmail.com

    Very efficient and mice are clean. I don't know what to say because I've had no problems at all. Truthfully, I suggest to try this company. Their prices are more reasonable and they have sales, all the time. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

  210. wmcmichael@greenville.k12.sc.us

    (verified owner)

    This was the cheapest and easiest way to get my snake food. Thanks, I will continue to shop in bulk, with this store!

  211. robynt2@msn.com

    Yes! The snakes love them...

  212. jb6972@moc.edu

    Fast shipping , great quality and product

  213. info@feedersplus.com

    Thats great to hear!!!!!

  214. Fischessern@lmc.edu

    The quail we received were perfect. Our falcon screamed when we entered his enclosure when he saw it, then only feathers to be found. Now that's positive feedback! :-)

  215. wtw250@yahoo.com

    Awesome quality as always. I would say tje small rats i received were closer to the medium size range but i usually just buy adult and jumbo mice so this was a first rat purchase for me from south Florida rodents. Not a complaint by any means just a learning curve how different sources size i guess. But again quality product at great prices!

  216. info@feedersplus.com

    Unfortunately, the only way to ship to the west coast is fedex overnight or 2nd day air, which is much more costly than ground shipping. but being in Florida that is the only way to ship to the west coast. If we shipped via ground it would take 5-7 days and your product would no longer be frozen.

  217. rmarquez1987@cox.net

    Great prices but they rape you on the shipping cost if you live in the western US. About 100 bucks to ship to Las Vegas, no thank you I can get 50 adult frozen mice locally for 1.50 each.

  218. terrybirdsiview@aol.com

    Got exactly what I ordered. Came quickly. Customer service is helpful and quick to get back to you. Good price too! Thank You!

  219. 17rayk@gmail.com

    Arrived fairly quickly, completely frozen, and in good condition!

    Sizes run a little small, but that’s because I didn’t check the gram weight of the mice.

  220. tommy_chandler_2008@Yahoo.com

    The fuzzy rats were here on time and still frozen, they looked great I really recommend southfloridarodents.

  221. Ray.dennison@charlottecountyfl.gov

    Great product, Great Customer Service , fast turn around. Will be ordering more soon. Thank You

  222. ggwainscott@gmail.com

    Over the course of a year, I've bought several bags of day-old chicks from South Florida Rodents for my Bengal cat, who is very fussy. These chicks are great quality - good-looking, yellow-only chicks - which is hard to find. Other places send you a mixed lot of different types of chicks, but my cat will only eat the yellow ones. IDK. Customer service is outstanding, prices are excellent, they ship timely and arrive expertly packaged. The cat and I highly recommend South Florida Rodents.

  223. marielaaf93@gmail.com

    Fantastic food for my 9 month old 51 gram Kenyan sand boa. He was no longer interested in smaller mice but quickly took these I do not know if the dark coat had anything to do with it as you're the only online retailer that offers them in a 50 pack. and thank you for the free pen much appreciated!

  224. lviola@princesshouse.com

    (verified owner)

    Best place to by frozen mice in bulk. You pay for dry ice ,but if you by in bulk it's the best bang for your buck. Nice fat, clean mice. Just made my second order as our snake collection is growing....

  225. Cheri.collins@wethersfieldct.gov

    (verified owner)

    I work at a Nature Center that has many reptiles in the collection, as well as having two snakes of my own at home. I have been using Southern Florida Premium Rodents for a number of years now, and their products are always top notch, and the service is outstanding.

  226. lhnmfield@yahoo.com

    This my first order from SFR and I am very pleased with it. The rats are nicely packed and my Ball Python loves them, Keep up the good work!! I will order exclusively from SFR.

  227. debbyreed@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Mice arrived 2 days late due to bad weather and Fed Ex holding the package... When the package finally arrived arrived the mice were still completely frozen and there was still dry ice left. Really impressed with the packaging and great service and product, thank you!

  228. xmma211@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Excellent products.

  229. xmma211@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and great product.

  230. xmma211@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Awesome service, shipping and excellent quality.

  231. xmma211@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Fast shipping and very satisfied with fuzzies.

  232. Horsedad154@yahoo.com

    their customer service was great, Fex Ex messed up bad and the shipper fixed Fed Wx's mistake but they went out of thier way to be helpful, great doing business with

  233. rcsedlak@aol.com

    Well packaged, fast delivery

  234. SelenaMCastro98@gmail.com

    I'm in the process of buying my own snake and I'm REALLY happy I came across these! I haven't purchased them yet, but they're cheap and from the reviews I've seen so far they're great! Not only that, but it's free shipping! I was looking for feeder mice for my Killer Spinner Lesser Ball python that'll be coming soon, and was shocked to see just how EXPENSIVE frozen mice are! I looked high and low and a 50-pack was $50.00 + $20-something shipping! It was insane! The thought that I'd have to drop about $80 worth every time I wanted to buy my snake really made me nervous, and I thought maybe, despite all the research I'd put into this snake and the months of prepping for him, that I wouldn't be able to afford keeping one after all, all because I had thought the mice would be the cheapest thing I'd have to worry about. But with this, this puts me at ease.

    Thank you SO much! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  235. boafamily@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Happy snake happy owner...!!!!

  236. boafamily@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Love your products and company...!!!!

  237. colvett.anna1983@gmail.com


  238. askyouwhat@yahoo.com

    These are really tasty, I like to grill them on my pellet grill with hickory pellets. I never tried Rat till I saw them here. Was shocked I rilledsome for friends one night and my friend wife threw up and fainted when she saw them, She never even tasted them. This is a cheap source of meat.

  239. sharkdragon@hotmail.com

    Very clean and good looking pinks. Super fast shipping with plenty of dry ice to keep everything frozen well.
    Thank you!

  240. VmBo09210112.082413@yahoo.com

    Amazing packaging! Package arrived while I was at work from 6am-7pm. Still frozen when I got home. The packaging was very clean and vacuum sealed. The rats themselves seemed to be very clean and the rats were nice and plump! Already recommended to other reptile keepers!

  241. amw4208@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I have no complaints. They are just what I ordered. Perfect for my adult boa!

  242. amw4208@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    It's exactly what they describe in the product details. I'm happy!!!

  243. Josie92782@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Ordered 25 fuzzy rats. When the package arrived there was plenty of dry ice left to keep them fresh. The fuzzies were very clean, great size & weight. I had ordered from a different company previously and the pinks I received were dirty and smelled pretty bad. My snake refused them. My order from South Florida Rodents was the complete opposite!! Great experience, great company, great product. I will be ordering again!

  244. Reptiledude063@yahoo.com

    Best price hands Down! Fast delivery and good communication

  245. nccdash1701@gmail.com

    I received quality rats at the best price from South Florida Rodents. The package came expertly packed and still frozen.

  246. Konah1953@gmail.com

    South florida rodents have the best products and great customer service. I will only order from them from experience.

  247. Konah1953@gmail.com

    I will only order from SFR because of their outstanding service and productd

  248. Williamtepesh@gmail.com

    I Have purchased frozen rats 3 times now and have been 100% satisfied every time and will be purchasing more ( best supplier ever ).

  249. jcasanova@ceg-engineers.com

    Easy to work with, quick responses to emails and answered all of my questions! informed me every step of the way on shipping and time and day my tortoise would arrive! Great company to work with, I highly recommend them!
    My Baby Sulcata Tortoise arrived the next day after ordering him/her! I was at home waiting for FedEx to show up, I watched for them so I didn't have the same experience as BOB OLIVER above where FedEx left his tortoise on the step!!
    My baby was all snug and secure in a loose reptile cloth bag with paper towels, foam in the box and a secure box!!! He ate and drank that day, I soaked him, he pooped, he is happy and healthy and is starting to respond to my voice already! he is a good eater and moves about his habitat and goes to bed at night in his little hut and has even chewed on his cuttlebone I put in there for his calcium needs! I look forward to many fun and rewarding years with this guy! I have planned on him for a long, long time! Thanks Jack and South Florida Rodents for my beautiful baby Sulcata Tortoise!!!!

  250. jcasanova@ceg-engineers.com

    I Had a great experience with South Florida Rodents!! My frozen mice came packaged just as seen on the website and all the dry ice needed to get them here (Minnesota) frozen and they came on time as promised!! I couldn't be happier. I now have enough mice to feed my adult Corn Snake weekly without having to go buy expensive frozen mice in a 4pack! what a hassle! Now I have a years supply and look forward to ordering again next year!! I will definitely recommend them to anyone looking for frozen animals to feed to their reptiles!!

  251. Geli.fernandez.garcia@gmail.com

    Highly recommended!

  252. KathyBro2@aol.com

    Great product, good size. Everything I got was as described, I now have very happy pets.

  253. KathyBro2@aol.com

    Great product, fast shipping. This is where I will buy my critter food from now on.

  254. jcasanova@ceg-engineers.com

    (verified owner)

    Hello Jack!! I just got to work after receiving my tortoise this morning. He arrived at my door at 10:00am!!! ½ hour before promised! Safe and sound and very much alive! I soaked him in warm water after unpacking him/her? He seemed to enjoy it! His name is Elliott – he is a boy (to me anyway) if I discover later he is a girl he’ll be renamed Ellie! :-P
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know he arrived and I am very pleased with him and South Florida Rodents for all you’ve done, from ordering, shipping and packing him up, and FedEx for getting him here on time and safe! H seemed safe and content in his box and pouch! Thank you, thank you!

    Kindest Regards,

  255. anangel80@rocketmail.com

    Packaging excellent, birds are fresh! Kitties are happy! Thanks!

  256. hiiqk9s@comcast.net

    Excellent service and products as always! I recommend South Florida Rodents to all of my friends, and use them for our orders where I work.

  257. KathyBro2@aol.com

    Great product and pricing. I'm glad I stumbled upon you.

  258. nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    Top Notch Product. Always look fresh and plump. Our Owls love them-

  259. gallt001@yahoo.com

    Well packed and always frozen even after sitting on my porch In 90 degree weather waiting for me to get home from work!

  260. inserviceofdragons@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    Great service, fast, and the rats are just as described. Also love that they add so much dry ice. Stayed frozen solid even through summer delivery.

  261. cap100@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    prompt, reliable. No complaints

  262. a.florentis@gmail.com

    Great product and great customer service.

  263. a.florentis@gmail.com

    Very well packed, quickly shipped and clean product. Best company I've dealt with.

  264. a.florentis@gmail.com

    Great customer service and high quality product. Excellent packaging and shipping.

  265. kahillegass@yahoo.com

    Excellent service, fast processing and exceptional product quality. I'm glad I found this site, this will be my food chain moving forward. Its a little frustrating that the shipping is more than the cost of the product, but still well worth it.

  266. julie.tripwire@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    If I could give more stars, I would. We have been using SFR for nearly 3 years now and wouldn't go anywhere else. Their rats are always neatly packaged, very fresh (they look like fresh killed) , and their customer service is the best! Shipping is always prompt and we get a pen (we have quite a collection!) with every order. I am happy to see this company grow. They deserve it.

  267. dan-orr@att.net

    This was the first time I purchased 1 day old pinkies. I have been using pinkies for years. They arrived frozen, and we have been 90 to 95 degrees here. My 5 baby albino garters loved them. Two out of four of my fire skinks ate one for the first time. I would recommend this reptile option to any one that needs it.
    Dan O

  268. matthew@horil.com

    Great resource for feeder supply.
    Excellent packaging, and very nice delivery logistics.
    My package arrived as scheduled and had enough CO2
    refrigerant to last at least 2 more days as packed.
    Thanks! Will be a future customer!

  269. lee75atl@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Great business to use. Very informative and they even have me advice when I showed them a picture of my tortoise in his habitat. His/her name is Sully. Arrived healthy and has been doing really good. Thanks so much for my baby sulcata.

  270. carmen.soles@hardeecounty.net

    Great product - owls love them.

  271. carmen.soles@hardeecounty.net

    Great product and company to work with.

  272. carmen.soles@hardeecounty.net

    Great product

  273. carmen.soles@hardeecounty.net

    Great company to work with. Top notch product.

  274. ALKoffice@yahoo.com

    As you might notice, this is my second review, the first one from 2015, but I have actually been buying super worms, mealworms and crickets considerably longer than the 2 years between reviews. I have quite a collection of pets, and while sometimes shippers are hit and miss, South Florida Rodents (aka premium rodents) is consistently great. Everything I've ever bought from them is well packed with nutrition that my reptiles and flying squirrels love and all orders are extremely carefully packed so all arrives in perfect condition. I rate them 5 stars only because the scale does not got to 6 stars or I'd rate them that too. You cannot do better than this shipper.

  275. Noslen1879@att.net

    Great product. Packaged well and shipped fast. Mammals were in very good condition and would not hesitate to buy again. .

  276. Noslen1879@att.net

    Great product. Packaged well and shipped fast. Mammals were in very good condition and would not hesitate to buy again.

  277. Noslen1879@att.net

    Great product. Packaged well and shipped fast. Mammals were in very good condition and would not hesitate to buy again.

  278. jblair@bowmancg.com

    (verified owner)

    excellent on service and product quality

  279. nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    Great Rat Pups, superior body condition . Feel confident we are feeding a quality product.

  280. nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    Worms arrived in great shape as always.

  281. Nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    Superior product. The fur on these rats is silky and smooth- tells me they are healthy when processed.

  282. nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    Nice...The chicks look great. not all wet and smashed looking like some other suppliers send you.

  283. nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    Great product...always. Came the next day frozen solid. The quality and care of the product is superior.

  284. nan@sunrisewildlife.org

    South Florida Rodents have always supplied us with quality frozen rodents. The packaging is superior to others, as is the product.

  285. ALKoffice@yahoo.com

    Not a single dead worm... all arrived in perfect condition as does all the rest of the things this great seller has. As high a recommendation as possible. Couldn't ask for better. 5 big stars.

  286. shodan@comcast.net

    (verified owner)

    Second time ordering frozen small mice from South Florida Rodents and again everything went well. The mice look great and there is the correct amount. They're packet very well! Snakes love them and the price is fair!

  287. troybear99@gmail.com

    Well definitely be purchasing from again. Rats looked great and my snakes are loving them. Been they other companies and snakes did not like them as much as these. The packaging was great plenty of dry ice for the trip to Maryland. Thank you

  288. troybear99@gmail.com

    Well definitely be purchasing from again. Rats looked great and my snakes are loving them. Been they other companies and snakes did not like them as much as these. The packaging was great plenty of dry ice for the trip to Maryland. Thank you

  289. troybear99@gmail.com

    Well definitely be purchasing from again. Rats looked great and my snakes are living them. Been they other companies and snakes did not like them as much as these. The packaging was great plenty of dry ice for the trip to Maryland. Thank you

  290. troybear99@gmail.com

    Well definitely be purchasing from again. Rats looked great and my snakes are living them. Been they other companies and snakes did not like them as much as these. The packaging was great plenty of dry ice for the trip to Maryland. Thank you

  291. kment7@msn.com

    Excellent quality, great packing. FedEx delivered to the wrong address for the third time, but the rodents were still in great shape.

  292. kment7@msn.com

    The mice were in great shape, excellent quality in spite of being delivered by FedEx to wrong address (for the third time).

  293. Gunguyar15@gmail.com

    Hi I believe I've purchased from you in past and your. Merchandise is excellent. I lost hyour phone number since last order. I need 100 frozen med/lg mice as feeders.

  294. ogarabito@adultmankind.com

    Very good product, I'll definitely use it again.

  295. ogarabito@adultmankind.com

    Very good product, I'll definitely use it again.

  296. ogarabito@adultmankind.com

    Very good product, I'll definitely use it again.

  297. Tkasper54@aol.com

    I have received them and it was a great experience to get them so fast and they look great

  298. hotgeckos@comcast.net

    Excellent packing, nice large size and very fast delivery.

  299. debiroland@yahoo.com

    The rats were perfect. On time and fully frozen...do to well packaging. This is the 2nd time I have bought them. No problems either time.

  300. gantwilliam@bellsouth.net

    (verified owner)

    This has turned into being a pretty good deal. While the packing was not as polished as other companies I have used, the mice were vacuumed sealed, wrapped in insulation and dry ice. They also vacuumed sealed the mice and after opening one of the packages, I saw that each and every pinkie was whole and in good frozen shape.
    As I read on other reviews, these pinkies did not need the Styrofoam Cooler and double packing and I certainly did not need to pay for that. I received what I expected and will use this company for further purchases.

  301. julie.tripwire@gmail.com

    We have been doing business with SFR for at least 3 years now. The customer service is always top notch. The quality of the product is well packaged, clean, fresh and healthy. I wouldn't even think of going elsewhere. There is no reason to.

  302. geli.rpgs@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Very clean and bigger than expected! Thank you SFR!

  303. Iceman7269@gmail.com

    Fast Shipping Very Happy
    Prices are Better than Petco and Petsmart...

  304. officerwhite0074@yahoo.com

    Thanks for my shipment. Professionaly packed, frozen solid, healthy rats, fast shipping... You have a new customer!!!!

  305. oceanreefinc@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Great quality, easy to separate and always clean!

  306. oceanreefinc@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Always great quality

  307. hjahdd@yahoo.com

    I have been ordering from SFR for over a year and I have always been pleased with the products I have received. I have never ordered from any other company since acquiring my reptiles and feel no need to start now. On this order, I did not notice that the local pick up tab was selected until after I placed my order. I email SFR and told them what had happened and where to sent the order. I received a prompt reply and order was received with no delays.

  308. hjahdd@yahoo.com

    I have been ordering from SFR for over a year and I have always been pleased with the products I have received. I have never ordered from any other company since acquiring my reptiles and feel no need to start now. On this order, I did not notice that the local pick up tab was selected until after I placed my order. I email SFR and told them what had happened and where to sent the order. I received a prompt reply and order was received with no delays.

  309. enydris@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Purchased 1 baby redfoot online and am pleased with the transaction and quality of the specimen attained. The baby was nicely colored and good size for 2 months old. Will be sure in the future to look this vendor up for any additions to the family, its nice for a change to get a animal that is represented well for a fair price

  310. inserviceofdragons@yahoo.com

    The rats were perfect. Shipping was fast. I will definitely buy again.

  311. dpraterjr@aol.com

    Excellent quality, fast shipping but they only ship on Mondays and Tuesdays.

  312. williamlebron92@gmail.com

    Exellent quality rats, great packing delivery.
    Thank you South Florida Rodents.

  313. melisa0571@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Easy to deal with, very helpful and informative!! I placed my order on Tuesday and received my Sulcata Tortoise at 9:00 am on Wednesday, great shipping methods.

  314. Urbaba@triad.rr.com

    Always easy doing business with South Florida. Ordering is easy, delivery on time, great product equals happy snakes.

  315. glenn.j.smith20@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    I have a very picky eater, ball python, that downed two of these the first day! Very good quality rats. Arrived frozen solid even in this North Carolina heat. You have definitely become my only supplier of rats.

  316. kinsey_jenn@yahoo.com

    Fast shipping, and very well packed. The mice always arrive still frozen, and in great shape.

  317. kmagerl@aol.com

    Did a trial order to see what you guys were all about, and boy was I impressed! Box arrived cold and neatly ordered. My boyfriend, who isn't a huge fan of feeders, even commented that the quality of packaging was great. The size variance is perfect, but not too radical (my male is on small fuzzies, and my female takes regular to large fuzzies). Didn't see a single "too small" or "too large" mouse. This Sunday was feeding day, and everyone ate, so the snakes of complaining either! You will be my go-to place for feeders!

  318. karen303481@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    My son has Autism, he is 17 and his very picky about what he feeds his snakes, he was very excited how fast they were ship out, and his little guys and female loves these , we will continue to buy here.

  319. scott.maruska@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Nice to have a category in between small and pups for my year old BCI without having to stay on mice. Came in quickly, well packaged and rodents are extremely clean and high quality. Size is as advertised and my year old girl hits them hard without hesitation.

  320. scott.maruska@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Came in quickly, well packaged and rodents are extremely clean and high quality. Size is as advertised and all 3 boas I am feeding SFR products from hit them hard without hesitation.

  321. gaia5230@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    good product, shipped well and frozen......the Owls love them!

  322. Jhonsmut23@yahoo.com

    Bought them and cooked them tastes so good my family love frozen rats and mice taste like kfc

  323. StillandSilent@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    The cats get so excited when they see their beloved chicks arriving. Always well packaged and the girls love them!

  324. ckoewing@bellsouth.net

    My go to store for frozen medium rats. Excellent product and great shipping.

  325. jack@southfloridarodents.com

    Rabbits were good size, Plump and Fresh (frozen). Great Prices. will buy from South Florida Rodents again....

  326. a.florentis@gmail.com

    Great quality rodents. They thaw clean, separate easy and every single one in there was in excellent shape. Great packaging, prompt delivery.

  327. a.florentis@gmail.com

    This is the second time I ordered these and again they were neat, clean and impeccably frozen, easy to separate and maintain their shape and thaw clean, unlike others that I have purchased elsewhere in the past that became bloody and mushy when thawing. Great packaging. Prompt delivery. Great product.

  328. wpitts77469@gmail.com

    Best frozen feeders I've bought thus far. All were clean and appropriate size. My ball python digs these rats. Shipping was fast. 10/10 - definitely will buy more!

  329. ogarabito@adultmankind.com

    The quails that I've purchased here, are of good quality and size, plus the deliveries are fast and with the necessary requirements, I will certainly continue to buy my birds food in Premium Rodents, thanks

  330. ellie718@aol.com

    Received on time and in great condition..

  331. presyergage@hotmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Great price, fast shipping and arrived frozen

  332. presyergage@hotmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Great price , fast shipping and arrived frozen

  333. smsastro@comcast.net

    South Florida Rodents offers excellent quality rodents backed up by excellent customer service. As long as I have a need for rodents I will be an SFR customer.

  334. smsastro@comcast.net

    South Florida Rodents offers excellent quality rodents backed up by excellent customer service. As long as I have a need for rodents I will be an SFR customer.

  335. smsastro@comcast.net

    South Florida Rodents offers excellent quality rodents backed up by excellent customer service. As long as I have a need for rodents I will be an SFR customer.

  336. smsastro@comcast.net

    South Florida Rodents offers excellent quality rodents backed up by excellent customer service. As long as I have a need for rodents I will be an SFR customer.

  337. alienlogic.salas@gmail.com

    The only place i go to buy my reptile food is this place!!! The BEST BY FAR!!!!

  338. cglennen@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    I'm lucky enough to live by this company. I also live by several pet stores and I've browsed them all for their frozen rat stock. There is absolutely no comparison! Jack's rats are fat, healthy, clean and all my snakes devour them. No frost-bitten dirty stock here! Superior quality is foremost here!! I'll only buy from here!

  339. cglennen@yahoo.com

    (verified owner)

    I'm lucky enough to live by this company. I also live by several pet stores and I've browsed them all for their frozen rat stock. There is absolutely no comparison! Jack's rats are fat, healthy, clean and all my snakes devour them. No frost-bitten dirty stock here! Superior quality is foremost here!! I'll only buy from here!

  340. cglennen@yahoo.com

    I bought two redfoot babies!!!! They are super active, super hungry and my kids absolutely love them! I bought from Jack because I buy all my frozen rats from him..... I completely trust him and all his products!! I will only buy from this company!!! Superior in every way to what you get at pet stores!!

  341. ss353@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Always satisfied with south florida rodents products! My birds thrive on them.

  342. ss353@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    My birds love south florida rodents!

  343. ss353@aol.com

    (verified owner)

    Always satisfied with south florida rodents products.

  344. Boboliver22@gmail.com

    Good company to deal with. Fast response on questions. Received my Sulcata the next day as promised. FedEx was a disappointment, just left the package on my front step with no signature and no knock on the door. Will do business with them again.

  345. dleastham02@gmail.com

    Fuzzies arrived quickly, still frozen and are very good quality.

  346. nanjr@comcast.net

    My baby arrived safe and sound. Great to work with this company and was notified every step of the way of what was going on and the arrival. Thank You again for everything.

  347. melindashaner2013@comcast.net

    (verified owner)

    Great product
    Will use again.

  348. melindashaner2013@comcast.net

    (verified owner)

    Great product.
    Will use again.

  349. drgaryc@gmail.com

    My eagles loved your jumbo rats. Quality was VG. Service was fast. Your prices are good too

  350. m.clayton.93@hotmail.com

    (verified owner)

    My snake refused to eat the rats I bought from feeder source. He finally ate after 5 months after I bought from SFR! (Btw I was not starving my snake, he was not losing weight during this time)

  351. jwalls443@gmail.com

    Good, clean product, wrapped well, shipped well & quick! Same with medium mice & chicks!!!!!

  352. hbacmom@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    ...definitely a 5. Ordered three different sizes (mice and rats), was nervous about the shipping, FL to MI...but everything came still frozen solid, with lots of dry ice left. Quality seems excellent and its nice to be supporting someone who isn't a big box pet supply chain. I will order again.

  353. Lucas.GravesBonneman@gmail.com

    I ordered 100 rats they came within 2 days cause I ordered 2 day overnight shipping. The only thing I had a problem with was that they only ship orders out on Mondays and Tuesdays. that I didn't kno but other than that I am gone be a life time custo

  354. a.florentis@gmail.com

    Great product! The pinkies are frozen perfectly in tact and come apart without being stuck or breaking. They thaw perfectly clean. Very very well packed for shipping. Prompt delivery and excellent customer service!

  355. jcallen1@gmail.com

    Damn fine packing and shipping. I did a trial order. Solid performance. Fresh quality product. Kudos...

  356. gaia5230@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Needed them by Thursday....got them by Thursday! Thank You. The Screech Owls and Snakes are happy.

  357. kermitracers@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Thank you for the best quality I could have found from the actual mice right down to delivery. The package came with the mice still completely frozen and wrapped with care which I appreciate knowing the health and safety of my corn snake as well as my family members is as important to you as me.
    I will continue to look towards South Florida Rodents for any and all needs in the future.

  358. coxclanforchrist@gmail.com

    This company is great. We have ordered from other companies before and gotten terrible quality crickets and they smelled so bad we could not stand to open them. That is not the case with South Florida Rodents. Their crickets are healthy and the container was clean. We will definitely order from here again. Our bearded dragon is one happy guy right now. Thanks South Florida Rodents! You are a great company!

  359. bellyhu@tampabay.rr.com

    I have been buying large feeder rats for several years. Always clean, healthy, meaty rats. Always great service too! I thank you and my snakes thank you! :)

  360. farmermdc@gmail.com

    Excellent product and packaging. "Free shipping" is misleading.

  361. in2bashun@gmail.com

    Premium Rodents is great. I'm very satisfied with their service.

  362. in2bashun@gmail.com

    Order came quickly and as ordered. No complaints, will buy from them for future needs.

  363. alienlogic.salas@gmail.com

    Great service best sellers 5*+

  364. alienlogic.salas@gmail.com

    Great service love it

  365. michelebrown1213@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    My two ball pythons took to these right away!!

  366. Fairtring17@yahoo.com

    Item was shipped fast. Mice came completely frozen with excellent packaging. Will be ordering again.

  367. crossbones54552@gmail.com

    Very good quality and service!!

  368. hotgeckos@comcast.net

    (verified owner)

    They are much larger than "larges" from a few other suppliers. Excellent!

  369. hotgeckos@comcast.net

    (verified owner)

    Ordered 10 medium and 7 large at 1pm, received the next day around noon. Packaging was excellent. They run big, took up half of my freezer.

  370. alienlogicsalas@gmail.com

    whats the relative size of this quail? for my adult roughneck monitor

  371. rwde@icloud.com

    (verified owner)

    I usually purchase adult mice for my snakes but they were not available when I placed my order. I substituted the small African soft fur rats as recommended. They arrived quickly and in excellent condition. I have not fed my pets this new option but am pleased with price and service. By the looks of the purchase I would think they were well recommended and that my snakes will have no problem with them. Thanks.

  372. fallenangel7861@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    He truly has the best prices. If you compare to rodent pro, american rodents, layn labs, etc....South Florida rodents has better prices the in food and the shipping!

  373. smsastro@comcast.net

    (verified owner)

    I purchased 60 medium rats and they were shipped very quickly. They arrived in a well insulated box with enough dry ice to keep them frozen rock solid. The rats are packaged very neatly on a styrofoam tray and look clean and appear to be of high quality. I will be a repeat customer.

  374. ALKoffice@yahoo.com

    I have been ordering crickets and other things from here for a year. They always ship perfectly on time, and the live foods I order arrive in superb condition. Great source for all animal food needs. My highest recommendation.

  375. yvette.calami@yahoo.com

    Perfect size and very healthy. Shipping is Speedy.  Very satisfied with product.

  376. housofkc@aol.com

    I order three bags of frozen pinky mice. Shipping was fast and the packaging was excellent. They would have stayed frozen on my front porch for days. Mice were in excellent shape. Can't beat the price and service. thx

  377. clwise84@gmail.com

    Product as described and still frozen on arrival.

  378. sierrabby2@yahoo.com

    This is my second purchase from this website. Both times I got exactly what I needed and they were the cheapest I could find online. Mice are in great condition & the shipping was fast. My king snakes are happy.

  379. brinmoody@gmail.com

    I wanted to make this a 5 star rating but the feature would not allow me to do so. The rats arrived frozen solid, packaged great, clean and top quality feeders. Thanks to South Florida Rodents for being my #1 source for feeders!

  380. thecurious13@yahoo.com

    I am using them for anthropomorphic taxidermy, so it's important that they are good looking and they are.

  381. bidding@yadtel.net

    Very prompt service and bag arrived in perfect frozen condition. Very good people to deal with and I will be buying here again. Thank you very much for the great service! And Buddy thanks you too!!

  382. ckoewing@bellsouth.net

    (verified owner)

    Product was just as described. I separated each feeder into a single plastic bag for easy defrosting and feeding.

  383. kgrinter68@gmail.com

    When rehabilitating injured raptors that will be returned to the wild, it is important to feed them black mice rather than white, so they retain their natural instincts in regards to hunting. So. FL Rodents always sends adult black mice that are a perfect size and excellent quality.

  384. guardianofsanction@gmail.com

    (verified owner)

    Great product. Snake took them immediately. Will be back for more.

  385. carter@libertynaturecenter.org

    Been using Florida Rodent for about year very pleased with product.

  386. brent@saundersteam.com

    Great Pinkies, Nice & Fresh. No Freezer Burnt spots on them.

  387. amper2411@yahoo.com

    Thank you for the wonderfully packaged shipment! Everything looks great and came in completely frozen :) Thanks so much!


  388. Mike112@aol.com

    Very high quality product that arrives in great shape. My snakes love them.

  389. CAllen1212@Gmail.com

    Crickets arrived alive and very plump and fresh. Lots of Potatoe in the box. Will continue buying my crickets form South Florida Rodents.

    C. Allen

  390. admin@wwdesignstudios.com

    Great product, fast service and affordable shipping. Will definitely use again.

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